About Kim

Kim Place headshot 2012I’ve worn many hats in my life. I’m a wife, mom, teacher, musician, and a seamstress. Sewing seems to be something that comes naturally. My family has a history of seamstresses on both sides. They sewed to survive, to be fashionable, and to have fun. I’m lucky to be able to sew for fun and to bring a little joy to the people that I sew for.

I started sewing in 4-H when I was 11. My first project was a nightgown.  I remember it was pink and lacy, something I probably wouldn’t pick for myself as an adult.  While sewing my first garment, I recall burning my hand and being so horrified of the event that I am still careful about how close the iron gets to my hand.  After the nightgown was a success, he second project I constructed was a teal knit dress and hot pink belt in the “units” style that was so popular in the 1980′s.  Mom helped me design the dress ensemble and we even had an awesome black felt hat with coordinating pink roses on the band.  We had a fashion show and contest to show off our outfits and I believe I won first place. 

As a teenager, I put sewing down for a while and picked it up again around 25 to sew curtains and pillows for a new apartment. Since having my son in 2009, I’ve been totally hooked and have found great joy in sewing bags, clothing, curtains, pillows, and quilts for my friends and family. I also love making my own clothing. Nothing fits my body and style better than something I’ve made for myself.  My first quilt was created when I wanted to gift my mom some home décor items for her living room.  It was a disaster, but as every good mom should, she still has that thing hanging off a chair in her living room.  Someday soon I should sew a new one for her.  Shortly after moving to Austin at the beginning of 2013, I joined the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.  It’s been an even bigger adventure in stitching ever since.  Austin’s group of strong, creative women has encouraged me to explore my stitching abilities and creativity even further.  I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends through sewing and am thrilled to learn new things as much as I possibly can.